I started soap making in 2021 when i watched David Attenborough program on palm oil. It also fitted in with banishing plastics from the bathroom and using homemade cleaning products.  

I made soaps for myself but I give them away as presents to family, friends and then a couple of neighbours.  Gordon at the local garage wanted some for oily hands and Toddy's soap business started there.  

I started with a coconut and olive oil range as I had oily skin. I used Mica colours and mostly single essential oils which I fast learned the citrus fragrances didn't last long being mostly  top notes. 

The allotment range came next which includes 7 soaps with a wide range of essential oils and vegetables as colourants.  These leaned towards the outdoorsy fragrances like Cedarwood, Bergamot and Black pepper.    

The 3 oil & 3 Butter range was next which is very luxurious. There's 8 in total 4 are feminine and 4 neutral. This one took a while to get right and I have still got stock from experimenting with the recipe. 

 Soaps are scored using a point system for their lather, hardness, moisturising effectiveness etc and the ideal bar is looking for 160 points. The three butter and three oil range does receive this 160 points. It was an uphill struggle without using palm oil but I've made some soaps I'm proud of and enjoy using.

 Give them a try.  

Thank you 

Diane Todd

Only ECO friendly essential oils added
At first I used the essential oils I was familiar with, the ones I knew and understood where they were grown,  like Sweet Orange and lavender. 
   I have not used any I'm aware are not environmentally friendly like Rosewood. 
This is still a learning curve for me though so please shout out if I'm using something that is costing the environment. 
Thank you Diane Todd   

Why Natural Colourants and not Mica. 
Well Mica is rock so its natural yes, but who manufactures this rock? 
Well if you look this up its extracted from deep mine shafts and in large by artisanal miners in India and Madagascar, where child labour and unsafe conditions are rife. 

So if I use Mica I use ethically source from companies in the EU but that still means some massive company will be digging up rock. 
So I focus on using what's in my garden even though the colours aren't so vibrant they are still stunning. After all we wash with it then it eventually heads back to sea. 

Like many in the world we can only do what our finances let us.  I'm not rich I've worked in factories all my life and I'm now 52 but I do own 2 very small pieces of land which I'm turning into a mini wildlife area. 
Your support means a lot. 
Thank you 
Diane Todd 

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